Submitting code to Heptio

Thank you for completing one of our exercises!

First, please do not host your code on a public GitHub repo. We want this exercise to be usable by multiple people and don't want an answer easily searchable.

Send it in email

If it is a single file, you can just put it inline in an email message. Avoid attaching it, however, as often times spam and malware detection systems will strip source files.

Send a zip or tar.gz file

Feel free to just attach an archive of your code.

If you have a git repo already, you can package it up easily with git archive. This will send a snapshot of our sources without your .git directory.

git archive --format=tar HEAD | gzip >homework.tar.gz

Add us to a private GitHub repo

If you have a paid plan at GitHub you can have private repos with external collaborators. Once you have completed the exercise, please respond to the invitation email and we will provide the GitHub usernames of the reviewers that will need read access to your repo.

Send a git bundle

The git bundle command is a way to package up a git repo (including all history) to be transferred.

git bundle create homework.bundle --all
gzip homework.bundle

To unpack:

gunzip homework.bundle.gz
git clone homework.bundle