Submitting code to Heptio

Thank you for completing one of our exercises!

First, please do not host your code on a public GitHub repo. We want this exercise to be usable by multiple people and don't want an answer easily searchable.

Send it in email

If it is a single file, you can just put it inline in an email message. Avoid attaching it, however, as often times spam and malware detection systems will strip source files.

Send a zip or tar.gz file

Feel free to just attach an archive of your code.

If you have a git repo already, you can package it up easily with git archive. This will send a snapshot of our sources without your .git directory.

git archive --format=tar HEAD | gzip >homework.tar.gz

Add us to a private GitHub repo

If you have a paid plan at GitHub you can have private repos with external collaborators. Feel free to add jbeda with read access to your repo.

Send a git bundle

The git bundle command is a way to package up a git repo (including all history) to be transferred.

git bundle create homework.bundle --all
gzip homework.bundle

To unpack:

gunzip homework.bundle.gz
git clone homework.bundle