Kubernetes distribution by the team that founded Kubernetes

Honest Technology

Heptio is a company by founders of the Kubernetes® project, built to support and advance the open Kubernetes ecosystem.


Heptio bridges the gap between enterprise IT and the emerging world of cloud native computing. Use tools, technology and operations models pioneered by the internet giants, but built from the ground up for the modern enterprise. Heptio smooths the road to production use of Docker containers.


Infrastructure and operations should fade into the background so that you can focus on the business. 

Kubernetes can help.


Decouple Your World

Kubernetes development and operations environments are decoupled from your physical hosting environment. Move from on-premises to the cloud, between public clouds, and update your operating systems with minimal impact to your apps.


Eliminate Toil

Move from ticket driven operations to API driven operations. Let your developers focus on the code that runs the business, and build professional operations team to support your business.  Achieve unprecedented levels of automation.

Improve Efficiency

Dynamically scheduled container packaged systems are radically more efficient than traditional VM based technologies.  Early users report up to 75% savings in infrastructure bill by transition to Kubernetes.

Build Nimble Teams

Adopt new practices and tools that create smaller, more autonomous development teams.  Go beyond DevOps to a world where developers focus almost exclusively on the code that runs your business.