Kubernetes has emerged as one of the most popular orchestration frameworks for Linux Application Containers.  This success has been in no small part because of the openness and health of the open source community. Many developers getting tremendous amounts of value with the basic, community supported open source project.  Heptio is committed to working with the community, and is going to offer a set of services and product extensions on top of upstream Kubernetes.  Users who have already had some success with the upstream project can now get a help if they need it.

Supported Configurations. We announced our first supported configuration for Kubernetes with the AWS Quick Start.  This Quick Start makes it easy to get Kubernetes up and running on Amazon's cloud infrastructure.  We will continue to manage and update the configuration, and will offer paid support for customers who are looking to create and run production services on Amazon's infrastructure.  The Quick Start is still a work in progress, but will capture best practices for production deployment and management on Amazon's infrastructure. You can learn more about the Quick Start here.

Training. We are building a training program. Learn not only about the fundamentals of the Kubernetes project, but how to best use it to transform your IT systems and approach.

Consulting Services. Our solutions architects are available to help you plan your first production Kubernetes deployment, plan out the migration of your monolithic application to cloud native technologies, and integrate Kubernetes into your day-to-day operations.

If you are interested in following our progress, learning more about our mission, please reach out through the Contact Us form and we will keep you posted as our distribution comes together, and get you early access to the technology.